Wednesday, October 26, 2016

so the most awaited prejudging in miss earth 2016 happened on october 25th, this is the make or break moment . that moment that could realize a dream or cause big time heartbreak.a big chunk of the preliminary scores to determine who makes the prestigious miss earth top 16 is taken from the prejudging. this consists of two parts, first part is when the girls are to be assessed for their physical beauty, no make up physical assessment is what its called. as miss earth entails hardwork and dressing down a lot for their activities as a winner, miss earth wants to see how the girls look like without make -up. this is a unique concept never been done or never been thought of in pageantry until miss earth came along. the ladies are judged wearing identical swimwear and without any make up. after the no make up physical assessment comes the closed door interview, where the delegates discuss their persona as well as their environmental platform. this is also the time the judges get to ask questions to further know which girl is best suited for the crown.

so here are the juicy tidbits of what happened during the most exciting and always mysterious miss earth 2016 prejudging. no one ever knows what happens inside , this is the closest you will be to unravel the secrets of the dreaded prejudging.two ladies made a huge impact on the judges and are deemed to be the ones who will be the favorites for the crown on the 29th. first off is a lady from the americas, OMG this region is battlefield extraordinaire, as the judges were scratching their heads because this group produced some superbeauties after superbeauties and they are all itching and gunning for the crown. this is where lots of heartbreaks and tears will come from as there are limited slots and the girls were super strong each one of them. back to the two  outstanding girls in the prejudging, the lady from the americas left an indelible mark on the hearts of the judges upon seeing her in the no make up round, she is truly a goddess, blessed with beauty that is unquestionable and breathtaking.she is also very humble and has excellent camaraderie with everyone ,including her fellow contestants. the other sureball lady comes from europe, this lady the moment she entered the room for the closed door interview, she mesmerized the judges with her sheer beauty, elegance, intelligence and charismatic personality. she never let go and held the judges in awe from start to finish, she will make history if she wins on the 29th.

lets move to another item,this time overconfidence might hurt the chances of another frontrunner. she has been the choice of most pageant fans to win the title but miss earth values humility and a woman who is flexible to work with. i hope she recovers and dont let the fans attention get to her head and go back to why she was here in the first place , to become an ambassdor of mother nature.

there will be major surprises in asia and oceania as two non traditional placers surprised everyone during the prejudging, they both looked gorgeous and were amazing speakers during interview. hint, they are both from moslem countries.

now for two of the most beautiful faces in europe, be prepared for a bit of disappointment as the other one although she was very good in her interview , the insider thought she looked way too simple and didnt create that much impact, this is still a beauty pageant and all the girls are primping up to max , this lady was way too simple. she is very beautiful, the closed door interview should have been the time to show the judges what she is capable of physically . i hope she makes it still, she is one of my favorites.the other european lady is one of the best  faces of the competition yet comes off very shy and really timid. this is a problem because miss earth is expected to be an ambassadress and it entails alot of public speaking , so a lady with her personality will not be a good fit for miss earth.while everybody is talking about the shy stunner, her neighbour is actually the one who made a positive  dent during the prejudging. she has been under the radar  but is always very upbeat and positive. according to my insider ,she has the smoothest most beautiful skin of all the girls. makes you want to pinch and caress that lovely face and she is quite a talker too, speaks good english a rarity where she comes from.

another one from north america who is quietly climbing up the competition might be a strong contender for top 4, she has an angelic face and looks much better in person than in photos. other latinas are usually mentioned more than her but she impressed more the judges which is the most important thing. another latina who is really a complete package did just right to make the cut, she was not super outstanding but she is consistent from day 1 to prejudging which everyone appreciated. one interesting thing is she is the only lady who looks almost the same with and without make 
up, soft pretty features.

another super stunning latina might be in danger , the powers to be have noticed she is quite hesitant and very quiet. she keeps to herself and is not very assertive, but physically she is no doubt one of the best ones in 2016. show some drive and grit girl, you have what it takes.

yes, that latina that everyone wants to hate , well she is a great speaker and did well in the interview. very charming with the judges and knows how to play the game. im not sure if her interview will save her quite disappointing no make up scores though, let us see.

and last but not least, the most controversial girl of 2016 , she might clap....

i have new juicy tidbits to add  , apparently this frontrunner from the americas made a splash as well in the prejudging. my insider even said , she looks better without make up,flawless, fresh and radiant. unfortunately she has a backstory, this girl is complain-factory, she constantly complains and moans about everything. i guess this is a huge culture shock for her , she was overwhelmed with the new things presented to her  and the attention.but, she will still make top 16 because her no make up assessment score is very high as well as her interview.

remember that shy stunner from europe that i mentioned , well what do you know one of the carousel bigwigs actually find her to be the most beautiful of all the candidates and that bigwig was part of the judging panel, but the team managers who give scores as well are in complete disagreement because they are the ones who deal with the girls first hand and they think her personality will not be a good fit for miss earth. let us see who triumphs in the end, the carousel bigwig or the team managers.

the african delegation were excellent conversationalists, really impressive interviews from the ladies in this region.

this has been one of the most competitive , most endearing, most fun and most friendly miss earth girls ever. such a joy to see all of them enjoying and creating friendships. the judges really had a hard time becuase they all have so many outstanding qualities and there are only 16 spots. what an amazing batch, very proud of these girls. 

enjoy the pageant dearies, this is the most exciting one so far and the most organized with the best activities, no other pageant in history can surpass what miss earth 2016 offered in terms of unique ,memorable and fun experiences.


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