Friday, October 28, 2016

she dreamt, she failed the first two times, she cried, she felt down,picked herself up and stood up again to realize that long time dream of becoming our mother nature's ambassadress and be crowned miss earth. third time's a charm when finally she won the england national finals for her to finally get a chance to realize that dream. in a few hours after so many years of hardwork,sleepless nights,blood ,sweat and tears, we will know if the crown was meant for her head. if there is a woman so ready and so prepared to take on the job of miss earth, it is england's luissa burton. she will be a great queen, someone who will go the extra long mile to make miss earth cause be heard all over the world. her main motto is "GREEN IS THE NEW BLACK" , a very catchy one and is very appropriate for the trend crazy social media generation. before jetting off to the philippines as part of her advocacy she had a photoshoot in los angeles with famed designer deborah lindquist to showcase recycled dresses highlighting how being green and acting green is now in style and fashionable.everything in used in the photoshoot is either recycled ,reclaimed, vintage or made from susutainable sources.

                                          earth element

                                               air element

                                            water element

                                               fire element

let us all wish this lovely lady all the best, it would be very refreshing to have a winner from the united kingdom , who has never won a grandslam crown in over 40 years. i know luissa once she wins , will do an amazing job to spread the message of miss earth to a wider audience in the united kingdom as well as across the world. this lady was not selected randomly or just decided one day she wanted to be miss earth. she dreamed it, worked for it, chased it and for sure once the crown is on her head she will work the hardest to make her reign a memorable one. good luck luissa!!!


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