Wednesday, October 5, 2016

timing is always a catchy word, if it is not the right time it will not happen, but in the case of stephanie de zorzi 2016 is the perfect time for her to finally wear the coveted VENEZUELA sash at miss 2013 she won the miss venezuela title so she will be able to represent venezuela at miss earth 2014. but as fate would have it, several weeks before she was supposed to fly out to manila , that oppurtunity of  a lifetime was snatched in a blink of an eye. miss venezuela organization and osmel sousa did not see her fit physically and mentally to contest the miss earth title and they were gunning for a back to back win. stephanie gained weight and was unable to lose it in the weeks she was trained at the gym, forcing osmel to send the very ready and super fierce maira alexandra rodriguez. now 2016 a new era of miss earth has been born in venezuela and stephanie was introduced and exploded like a volcano with trending topic buzz all over social media as the new miss venezuela earth 2016.

2016 a new stephanie de zorzi was reborn, stronger, wiser, more beautiful and more determined to fight for the title she was heartbreakingly denied to vie for. she has always kept in her heart the strong desire to be at miss earth now all that will be realized ,thanks to miss earth 2013 alyz henrich! stephanie is blessed with one of the most beautiful mesmerizing faces to grace the beauty pageant stage, she has revitalized her fitness and her amazing curves will be on display at miss earth 2016. she has the face icons are made of,watch out as venezuela might take their third miss earth crown with stephanie.

another woman who needs special mention in all these is miss earth 2013 alyz henrich. she took up the challenge without hesitation , so that her country will be represented in the pageant very close to her heart.alyz during her reign has become family to carousel productions and i know the miss earth brand is in its best interest with alyz managing it. she secured the franchise for three years, amazing .fashion designer prince julio cesar is her partner in this momentuous and historical shift in power of pageants in venezuela.thank you alyz , we bow down to you and we will always be here to support you all the way.

time is also the deciding factor why all these changes are happening in the miss earth franchises.this is the first time in a very long time that miss earth is held in october. usually it is held late november or early december. most of the franchises are not used to miss earth held early so these changes contributed to france and germany being absent and miss venezuela changing hands. miss venezuela oganization was given the chance to submit and fulfill the requirements. early 2016 they have confirmed they will send a candidate, but as pageant date is nearing they have not fully submitted all the requirements so carousel productions looked for another possible partner, and thanks to miss earth 2013 she committed immediately. right when the deal with alyz was sealed miss venezuela went and submitted requirements and payments , which was too late. so carousel productions had to return them and give them the news that a new organization has taken over. same story with france , they did not fulfill requirements until it was late, so next year franchise for france will be handled by a different organization. 


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