Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Photography: Paolo Pineda
Stylist: Reynaldo Santos Jr. 
MUA: Krist Bansuelo
Hair: Jan Edrolosan
Filipiniana/Manton de Manila Designer: Manelle Chamian

"As Miss World Philippines, I proudly carry the Filipino spirit in my being and the Philippine sash in my heart. 

Few more hours left before I embark on a journey fueled by your prayers, support and love. Let's do this together Philippines. I love you.

I'm Catriona Gray. Filipina."

Those are exactly the words posted by Miss World Philippines 2016 Catriona Gray in her facebook page as she leaves the country today enroute from  Manila International Airport to the National Harbor in Maryland, Washington D.C., USA where she will embark along with the rest of the delegates in their mission to capture the elusive Miss World crown. The new Miss World 2016 will be crowned inside the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center by the outgoing Miss World 2015 Mireia Lalaguna of Spain on December 18, 2016 (December 19 in Manila). A total of 119 delegates are vying for the prestigious blue crown. 

The gorgeous Filipina representative has been working and training very hard under her Aces and Queens mentors during the last few months to polish every possible aspect necessary to ensure a smooth journey and possibly bring home the Miss World crown once again back in the Philippine shores. 

Gray is the current favorite to win as predicted by the leading beauty pageant portals and the Filipinos around the world have high hopes that Gray will emerge victorious come finals. 

Below are some of her latest shots captioned with her endearing nuggets of wisdom. For more recent updates, you may visit and like her facebook page at Miss World - Philippines

Photography: Paolo Pineda
Stylist: Reynaldo Santos Jr. 
MUA: Krist Bansuelo
Hair: Jan Edrolosan

"Au-Natural. As a model, I've had to assume so many different looks, characters and expressions. A large part of this is makeup! It's an amazing art form cause it really has the ability to transform your features! 

But for this shoot I wanted to just look like me! So Krist my makeup artist, who has been renowned in the industry for many years, sparingly applied product to my face and gave me a fresh and youthful glow! 

Ive been told in the past my features aren't some people's perception of "perfect" - but then again what is the point of being perfect? With so much pressure to look a certain way, why blend in when you can be YOU? Cause after all, you're one in 7 billion!!! ...And looks are only a part of what makes a person truly beautiful!

Sending all you guys love and positive vibes!!!!!!! Love yourself today okay! #EmpowerChange"

Photographer: Paolo Pineda
Stylist: Reynaldo Santos, Jr.
Hair: Jan Edrolosan
Make-Up : Krist Bansuelo

"It was so wonderful to spend some time with the passionate individuals who have supported me since day one. Yesterday at the C3 events center in Greenhills, Manila was my official send off as Miss World Philippines 2016

Thank you to everyone who came and to everyone who has empowered me with their kind words of support and positivity. I will work my hardest to make you proud.


Tomorrow is the beginning of a journey that has been on the horizon for so many months but now it's finally here. 

Bye bye Philippines! I will proudly carry your spirit in my being and your sash across my heart. See you soon USA!"

"Filipino Wardrobe...For the World. When it comes to dressing I'm usually a very simple girl. However for Miss World I wanted to exude a classy and sophisticated Filipina. I first told my stylist Reynaldo Santos Jr. that I wanted to showcase a handful of talented Filipino Designers and the resulting wardrobe makes me very giddy and excited!

And with only 2 days before I embark on the journey of Miss World 2016, I can happily inform everyone that we are DONE packing and fitting all of my gowns and dresses for this global event.

In the coming days, I will introduce the Filipino designers (wardrobe, shoe, accessories) I collaborated with because I want to show the whole world what Filipino artistry is all about.


Indeed, the Filipinos are so excited. All the best Catriona in your Miss World journey! 


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