Sunday, November 20, 2016

the memories miss earth candidates gain from participating in the pageant is something priceless, intangible and worthwhile reminscing. the luckiest pageant girls are definitely the miss earth delegates. they travel to exotic paradise places, experience the actual unique culture of the people by interacting with the common people,inspire a new generation of environmental advocates and of course do actual work to help mother nature. miss earth is an experience like no other, a pageant so unique and definitely the most relevant. here is a snippet of what they experienced in the beautiful island of mindoro, particularly sablayan , see how much love they get everywhere they go, it truly warms the heart.

ziplining from one island to  another, the longest zipline in the world, how amazing is that!!!

see that other island in the background? yes that's how long that zipline is....

one of the most biodiverse marine ecosystems, the apo reef

sablayan is one of the most promising eco tourism sites ,blessed with beautiful beaches, friendly people and houses one the the largest reef in existence where the rich underwater life needs to be protected and appreciated.


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