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EBD's Miss World 2016 Top 20 Predictions 

I have here my own prediction list of the contenders who might be possibly scoring high and mighty in the leaderboard come Miss World 2016 finals on December 18th (December 19 in Manila) in Washington D.C., USA. The assessment is based on their respective performances in the fast-tract challenges which include the Top Model, Talent, Sports, Beauty with a Purpose Project, Multimedia, overall beauty and bearing, communication skills, intelligence and the Sash Factor.

10. USA - Audra Mari - Her beauty isn't my cup of tea but I have a feeling that she will be included as one of the finalists. Aside from the homecourt advantage, Audra Mari is a good speaker as well and has a likeable personality. It’s been five years since USA clinched the Miss World title and Audra is working hard to achieve the honor.

9. Mongolia - Bayartsetseg Altangerel – She is a veteran in the biggest international pageants. She has almost completed the Big 4 pageants with Miss Universe as the only pageant left to be participated. Although she was unplaced in Miss International 2014, she bounced back the year after and earned a Top 8 spot in Miss Earth 2015. And now she is clearly making waves in the ongoing competition of Miss World 2016 where is presently achieving commendable points in the scoreboard.

8. China - Jing Kong - She is considered a dark horse in the competition. A silent killer, who is ready to smash everyone in the competition in their unguarded moments. Her innocence and serenity are the qualities that make her more endearing and memorable. My gut feel is telling me that she will score high especially knowing that the Miss World Organization has an impeccable relationship with China.

7. Russia - Yana Dobrovolskaya - She is undeniably a gorgeous beauty with those pair of ocean blue eyes. Just like last year, Yana is a strong contender for the blue crown. However, politically-wise, winning the blue crown in the American soil seemed to be far-fetched for this Russian stunner. A top five or a runner-up finish might be her highest placement come December 18, I reckon.

6. Mexico - Ana Girault - You either lover her or hate her. But that's who she is and she doesn't care. Ana has an amazing personality, although most of the people who don't get her humor criticize her for being loud and annoying at times. She is very engaging and seems to always have a very sunny disposition. Apart from that, one can't deny how gorgeous she is. Ana has this striking Latina beauty with a banging body to boot. I believe every pageant aficionado would agree that with the energy and the kind of persona that she has, Ana is more fit for the Miss Universe crown.

5. Australia - Madeline Cowe - She is one of the strongest contenders to date. She is visible as one of the finalists for the Sports Challenge and she has a relatively good Beauty with a Purpose Project which will certainly help a contestant proceed to the Semi-finals. An aspiring Lawyer, the beauty from the Land Down Under is competitive enough to fight tooth and nail to win the top plum come finals.

4. Venezuela - Diana Croce - Since Ivian Sarcos won the Miss World title in 2011, no Venezuelan representative was able to snatch a placement until now. Will Diana Croce break the dry spell for her beloved country this time? Will the powerhouse Venezuela finally get a spot or even win again after four consecutive years of clapping in the background? Well, it's not impossible at all with Venezuela and considering Diana's potential, winning its seventh Miss World is feasible. However, Diana needs to topple down Miss Philippines Catriona Gray first who is currently leading the leaderboard of Miss World 2016.

3. Dominican Republic - Yaritza Reyes - She is undoubtedly, the most gorgeous dark-skinned delegate in the competition. A mulatta stunner if you will. She was able to snatch a Semi-final slot in Miss Universe last 2013 and now the stakes are quite high that she will make it again. Her presence is felt in almost all of the fast-tract events so far.

2. Hungary - Timea Gelencser - It seems that Hungary is hungry for the elusive crown of Miss World and it really shows. Last 2014, when the pageant was held in London, England, Hungary almost nabbed the blue crown when the country placed as First Princess next to the eventual winner that year, Rolene Strauss of South Africa. And now, Timea is working hard to clinch the blue crown and so far, she is reaping the good results in the sub-competitions.

1. Philippines - Catriona Gray - She perfectly fits the mold of what a Miss World is looking for in a winner. I have never seen a delegate in pageantry before who is extremely as talented and beautiful like Catriona. When I say beautiful, I am not only talking about the external physical features you see on the outside, but the quintessential beauty that is embedded within the deepest chambers of ones persona. And Catriona Gray possesses such dazzling beauty that's more than skin deep.

Her communication skills are superb. She can discuss anything under the sun with finesse and diplomacy. Apart from her sterling qualities, Catriona is well-prepared with a brilliant game plan in each stratum of the competition. Thanks to her Aces and Queens mentors who have honed her to perfection. The group is also the driving force for the victories of former Miss World 2013 Megan Young, Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach and the reigning Miss International 2016 Kylie Verzosa.

Philippines' Catriona Gray in the Miss World 2016 
Talent Competition where is one of the Top 10 
Finalists. The winner will perform live on the Finale. 

Joining the Top 20 are the delegates from 11. Chile - Antonia Figueroa - 12. Puerto Rico - Stephanie del Valle 13. Uruguay - Romina Trotto 14. India - Priyadarshini Chatterjee 15. Ukraine - Oleksandra Kucherenko 16. Poland - Kaja Klimkiewicz 17. South Africa - Ntandoyenkosi Kunene 18. Croatia - Angelica Chacchigna 19. Latvia - Linda Kinca and the last but not the least 20. Cook Islands - Natalia Short. Let's see on December 18th if these girls can breeze to the top of the Miss World 2016 leaderboard. 

Catriona Gray of Philippines. My top bet for the Miss World 2016 title.


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