Sunday, December 18, 2016

Gal Gadot. From losing Miss Universe in 2004 to playing the title role of Wonder Woman ten years later.

Gal Gadot playing the immortal warrior princess, Wonder Woman. 

Not all beauty pageant contestants who ended up clapping in the background during their respective competitions faded after the contest. And not all winners are shining still when their reign is finally over.

A concrete example is Gal Gadot. She is a former beauty titlist who
Gal Gadot of Israel in her Evening Gown and National
Costume during the Miss Universe 2004 pageant in
Quito, Ecuador. 
represented Israel during the Miss Universe pageant held in Quito, Ecuador in 2004. Unfortunately, Gadot didn't make the cut even in the Semi-final round. Jennifer Hawkins of Australia won the prestigious crown while Gadot went home empty-handed. At some point, Gadot must have been bashed for being a clapper. Cyber-bullying is pretty rampant in pageantry. But despite of the failed experience, she rose above the trials victoriously. 

Life as they say, has many twists and turns as well as pleasant surprises. And Gadot is one of those few who have been blessed tremendously in leaps and bounds. Ten years after the Miss Universe experience, Gadot is seen as a successful Hollywood Superstar. She may not have won the top beauty crown in the universe, but she has conquered the glitzy Hollywood scene by taking the most coveted title role of Wonder Woman by storm. Suffice it to say, Gal Gadot is now a
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.
household name. She is immensely popular around the world (and perhaps wealthier) than all the Miss Universe winners combined.

So what are the nuggets of wisdom that we can learn from Gadot's experience? Probably, the prime lesson that we can obtain is that, we should never worry when things don't go according to our plans. Although it is natural to be sad when we don't get what we aspire, never should we allow ourselves at the very least to be lurking low in the darkest corners of our room and succumbed to self-pity when everything else fails. As long as there is tomorrow, there is hope. And when there is hope, we can build our faith and confidence in God, who is the source of everything and the Author of every good and perfect gift, that someday soon in His perfect time and best opportunity, the stars of the universe will conspire to grant our heart's desires. And who knows just like Gal Gadot? It could be something far more than what we could imagine. God is good and He certainly knows what is best for us.

We may never know what the future holds, however we can always claim God's promise in the book of Jeremiah 29:11 that says, "For I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." 


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