Sunday, December 18, 2016

After two weeks of intense competition, a new Miss World 2016 has finally been crowned and she's none other than Stephanie del Valle of Puerto Rico. Stephanie toppled down the rest of the 116 dazzling beauties from around the globe and went on to wear the gem-studded blue crown of Miss World in a gallant coronation night staged inside MGM National Harbor, Oxon Hill, Maryland, USA.

In second place was Dominican Republic (First Princess) and Indonesia in third place (Second Princess).

The Top 5 Finalists: 

Completing the Top Ten Finalists were the delegates from:

With Mongolia as the winner of People's Choice making her the 11th Semifinalist. 

The winners of the fast-tract challenges who received an automatic spot in the Top 20 were as follows:

Beauty with a Purpose Project (BWAP) - Philippines, Nepal, India, Kenya and Indonesia as the winner. 
Multimedia - Philippines
Talent - Mongolia
Top Model - China
Sports - Cook Islands

The rest of the delegates who made it to the Top 20 Semi-finalists were:

The event was hosted by Miss World 2013 Megan Lynne Young of the Philippines.

I will be posting the high-definition images of the coronation night here as soon as I have it.

Congratulations to the new Miss World 2016. May you have a productive and successful, happy reign.

Some interesting facts and CONTROVERSIES in Miss World 2016:

I have nothing against the winner. In fact, she is lovely. However, there are things which I believe, the Miss World Organization should avoid to be considered 'Credible', Fair and Just in choosing their winners. All the girls and the people involved have really worked hard, thinking that the judgment process will be fair.  

*The Puerto Rican National Director who is also a former Miss World sat as a judge during the Finals and Puerto Rico sponsored the Miss World 2016 Fashion Show together with Indonesia. (In any pageant, it is considered unethical if a National Director sits as a judge. It is very distasteful). What would the other National Directors feel when they learnt that their fellow 'competitors' are included in judging process?

*Indonesia had hosted the Miss World pageant in 2013 and will be hosting again next year. China won the crown two times in their home country (2007 and 2012) and had hosted the pageant six times.

*The Indonesian National Director sat as a judge during the Miss World 2016 Top Model competition. Indonesia got second place and 1st place in Beauty with a Purpose Project.

*Last year, the same Indonesian National Director was included in the panel of judges. Indonesia won Third Place.

*The Philippines had been poised to host the pageant but due to some factors it did not materialize. Julia Morley must have been very disheartened upon learning that the country chose to host Miss Universe instead. So eliminating a very deserving winner is the sweetest revenge she can muster. Sorry Catriona, you have just become a sacrificial lamb. And Madame Cory Quirino should carefully rethink of renewing the local franchise. Be a major sponsor and a HOST to pacify Julia, or else it will be goodbye Miss World crowns!

Lessons for the National Directors who aspire to win:

*Be a major sponsor or host the pageant so Julia Morley will give you the crown. Call me bittermelon, but I need to divulge these facts to spread awareness of the shameless politics in Miss World. These need to stop! Seriously.


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